New York From Above

Shooting in all seasons and from dawn to dusk, the photos in New York Air capture the complexity of 21st-century New York, with its new skyline and waterfront landscape, dazzling contemporary architecture and historic buildings—along with parks and streets and rooftops used for every possible purpose, and the massive infrastructure that keeps it all going.

Included are such iconic places as Central Park and Times Square, new landmarks such as the High Line and the September 11 Memorial, One World Trade Center and other additions to the list of the world’s tallest buildings, and intriguing sites throughout the five boroughs.

Steinmetz records some of the city’s beloved traditions—such as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, the New York marathon, and the U.S. Open—but what makes his photographs special is their surprising intimacy, as they capture New Yorkers going about their lives in their remarkable city.


Enjoy some amazing shots from this video by George Steinmetz


Staten island ferries

9/11 national memorial in lower manhattan

chrysler building

flatiron district

governors island and lower manhattan

manhattan bridge, brooklyn bridge and jane's carousel (dumbo)

New yorker hotel, on 8th avenue and 34th street, and the empire state building

new york aquarium (coney island)

one wtc (a.k.a. freedom tower) in lower manhattan, brooklyn bridge, manhattan bridge, and queens

the legendary pepsi sign in long island city, queens, new york

queensboro bridge and roosevelt island

traffic in midtown manhattan at macy's super store (34th street)

the iconic yellow cabs parking lot

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