14 – New York for Piccolas and Piccolos : Intrepid Museum

the intrepid. Photo @lucascompan


Aviation fans, this one’s for you. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum tells the history of American aviation in an educational and interesting way. You’ll see giant fighter jets, submarines, a space shuttle, and the iconic aircraft carrier Intrepid. Ever-changing rotating exhibits also impress.


Save several hours of your day; there’s a lot to see—exploring the historic (and enormous) aircraft carrier itself, nearly 30 vintage planes on the flight deck, a guided missile submarine, and the space shuttle Enterprise.


The Exploreum is a fully interactive exhibit space in the Museum's hangar deck, designed especially for families and kids of all ages. It is one of the most visited areas of the ship, encouraging visitors to climb in an actual Bell 47 helicopter, navigate through an interactive submarine and steer the wings of an airplane.


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Save time and lines by buying tickets online in advance and be forewarned: many enticing exhibits, guided tours, and the space shuttle pavilion require extra fees. However, there is plenty to do without the extras.

The Intrepid is best suited to older children who can appreciate the history. There is lots of walking, much of it outdoors, so sunscreen and hats are advisable.


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How to get here

The best way to get here is the M50 bus crosstown bus headed west, which brings you right to the door.


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