Have a Drink in a Landmark Building

Arguably the oldest bar in Manhattan, the Ear Inn (326 Spring Street, Soho) is neither fossil nor throwback. Nights and especially weekends, UPS uniforms are replaced by Gap and Dockers worn by twenty- and thirtysomethings particular enough to recognize a thinking drinking man's tavern when they see one. Food is cheap, hearty and swiftly served by waitresses who'll patiently put up with your requests for a pint of Thomas Cloake's Fidelio beer (an extinct ale still advertised on the walls of this, its former brewery)


Situated in the historic James Brown House, the Ear Inn (est. 1917) is one of the oldest operating drinking establishments in New York City. The building was constructed around 1770 for James Brown, an African aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. He is said to be depicted in the famous Emmanuel Leutze painting of the victorious Delaware River crossing.


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