The Story Behind Piccola


First Act: The Dream

Piccola Italiana


Agostina Cois was born in Italy. She had a dream since she was little – when her father used to teach her geography lessons: to visit New York City. Well, she's still little (1,52m / 5'0"). But her dreams are BIG. She made it true in 2016 – her first time in The City of Dreams. 

It was an unforgettable, remarkable experience for her. She still remembers the first time she saw the Empire State Building from the taxi cab's window – and she cried like a little girl. The emotion and happiness of being able to see her favorite building with her eyes, not just in pictures, was something.

From that experience, she met a New Yorker storyteller, photographer, and filmmaker. He was so impressed with her passion and enthusiasm for New York City that he made a short film as a gift to her. Check out the story here

Second Act: Finally in New York

Big Dreams

Piccola Italiana, Big Dreams tells the story of a dream coming true in New York City. That was in September 2016.

                                                                                    Third Act: Falling In Love With An Apple

Big Apple

In the city that never sleeps, in March 2017, Agostina has figured out the meaning of "I Love NY." For her it is much more than just a slogan; it's a mindset. She felt there was a force stronger than herself taking place. Then, she just surrendered to the New York spell. Since then, she has been driven by her passion.

Fourth Act: The Magic of Christmas in NYC

Piccola New Yorker


My favorite building: the empire state building. this picture was taken from hoboken, new jersey – a fantastic spot to admire and photograph manhattan skyline.

The magic of New York atmosphere has always been making people falling in love again and again. La Piccola and her charming Italian accent were back in New York City in December 2017. This time, for the first time in Christmas time. She had a lot of fun enjoying this trip, getting to know top secrets about New York, taking pictures, making a photo tour and, on top of it, experiencing a film telling her story. Snow, Christmas tree, holiday songs, cold weather, and the magical atmosphere during this time of the year in this great city. 


Piccola New Yorker Special Tours


She had her AHA! moment, then. "I want to make possible to more people to living their dream in New York City – because now I know it is possible." Piccola New Yorker Special Tours was born. Its mission is 'helping people with living their dream vacation in New York City.'


Real Dreams

An Uplifting Journey in New York City


The fantastic, uplifting journey of a Piccola Italiana with big dreams, and how she made it all real in New York City. From her Geography lessons with her beloved father to incredible adventures in the city that never sleeps, this short film explores all the love, pain, fun, and happiness a human being could ever experience to make life count to the fullest.