The Best Tourist Attractions That Locals Love – 4

By Piccola New Yorker

Here is a compilation of my favorite iconic tourist attractions. The good news is there are so many great things to do in New York today that there’s enough to go around. This is part 4 of a series of four visual stories.

The Brooklyn Bridge

the brooklyn bridge is probably the most beloved attraction by both locals and tourists. photo: @lucascompan


Riding all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge is not just about crossing a bridge. Every single step towards Brooklyn (from Manhattan) – or the other way around – offers a new possibility to explore views of ManhattanBrooklynStatue of Liberty, One WTC and Lower Manhattan, Empire State Building, and the bridge itself. You have to cross the Brooklyn Bridge before the sunrise, at noon, to watch the sunset, in the middle of the night – at 3 a.m. Be creative to live this amazing adventure of scenic views, architecture and history. For each one of these walks, you will have different stories to tell, different and fantastic photos to share, different moments to keep to yourself. I put this visual story together to share my own vision of this iconic bridge. Enjoy some great pictures, and some of its secrets.


South Street Seaport


The former Fulton Street Market building at Pier 17 was rebuilt as a high-end shopping mall in the early 1980s, but if you’re looking to avoid throngs of people, we suggest detouring to the pier itself, where you can check out the largest privately owned fleet of historic ships in the country. Afterward, hit one of the area’s surprisingly decent drinking & dining destinations.


the largest privately owned fleet of historic ships in the country at pier 17. photo: @lucascompan

Long Island City

Think about an oasis on the waterfront. Fresh breeze, relaxing atmosphere, breathtaking sunsets, excellent views, surrounded by a peaceful vibe. The best part is that this mini-paradise is just 2 minutes away from Grand Central Terminal.


That's Long Island City,  just one subway stop from Grand Central Terminal. It is a sprawling area bounded by the East River on the West and Newtown Creek (Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s border) on the South. From that spot, you have some of the best views of Manhattan. Sunsets are stunning at the LIC Piers, as well as the beautiful ballet of lights that goes from natural sunlight to the contour of Manhattan’s silhouette.

Long Island city offers breathtaking views of Manhattan skyline. in this picture you can spot the empire state building (left), the united nations building (center), and the chrysler building (right). Photo: @lucascompan

Staten Island Ferry


The price of a harbor crossing between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan may be the only activity in New York City that’s cheaper today than it was in 1817. Back then, it was 25 cents; today, it’s free. This 24-hour ferry is a lifeline for commuters making their way from NYC’s southernmost borough, but it’s also a boat trip affording some of the finest views in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for Governors Island to the east and Ellis Island and Lady Liberty to the west as the Manhattan skyline recedes in the vessel’s wake.

staten island ferry, statue of liberty, and one wtc at lower manhattan. photo: @lucascompan

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