Nice Atmosphere with Great Views

Is it summer? Astoria Park will offer you one of the most enjoyable atmospheres. Whether if you are with your significant one, friends, solo or with your family, there’s always something fun to do. If you’re a big fan of swimming pools, you will have the largest outdoor public pool in New York City. Not much into swimming? All right. Then just walk along the fantastic waterfront, and you get some of the best views of Manhattan skyline. Plus, hundreds of seagulls cheer you all the time, boosting your mood in a very uplifting way. The East River also offers pretty good spots and scenes to take very cool pictures and cinematographic videos with boats, ships, ferries, yachts, and waves. The waves of summer.


Is it spring? Well, no need to say that the flowers and trees will make everything to beautify your walk, as well as the birds will be singing louder and prouder. It's also the season where the famous ice cream trucks, with its unique soundtrack, start to drive around.


Wintertime? Get ready to experience a lot of large white spaces where you can be the first one to step on the snow and make your own pathway. Just because you know, we should walk off the beaten track. Plus, enjoying the Amtrak and Acela trains (crossing the Hellgate Bridge) passing by making their ways through the snow is such a fantastic and romantic experience, which brings a lot of childhood memories back. Who doesn't love trains, right?


If your thing is autumn, you should try walking along the Triboro Bridge. The views from up there are awesome. Walking from Astoria Park towards Manhattan (or The Bronx), at your left, you will see the skyline of the city (including the One WTC, the Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building). Then, look at your right-hand side, and the view will mesmerize you, with the dozens of tones, colors, shades, and nuances of the foliage in Astoria Park, making a perfect landscape to a photo shoot of the colors of autumn.


Currently, there is a renovation for improvements at the track field. In spring 2020, Astoria Park will be looking even better. Along with many new features, they are going to build a soccer field and bleachers.

Go check it out yourself. It is worth the N train trip to Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard stop.


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