31 – New York for Piccolas and Piccolos : Molly's Cupcakes

They're an icon of the American bakery: cupcakes. John Nicolaides, a self-professed chief egg cracker at Molly's Cupcakes – who co-owns it with his brother, named their shops after Nicolaides' 3rd-grade teacher, Miss Molly.


Its bakers follow the same recipe Miss Molly used to bake cupcakes for her students' birthdays. Whenever someone had a birthday, she would bake cupcakes. People still remember how good they were. She had her own special recipe for chocolate and vanilla.


Just about everyone who tries them thinks they're the best cupcakes ever. And in honor of Molly and as a way to help our children, a portion of their profits is donated directly to schools in the community. Every time you eat a cupcake or sip a latte, you help our kids. So eat up!



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