25 – New York for Piccolas and Piccolos : Gantry Plaza State Park

Imagine an oasis on a beautiful waterfront with breathtaking views. Fresh breeze, relaxing atmosphere, breathtaking sunsets, excellent views, surrounded by a peaceful vibe. The best part is that this mini-paradise is just 2 minutes away from Grand Central Station.

kids have plenty of outdoor spaces and things to do at the gantry plaza state park in long island city. super cute images credit: Shira Kronzon


That's Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, in the New York borough of Queens, just one subway stop from Grand Central Station. It is a sprawling area bounded by the East River on the west and Newtown Creek on the south. From that spot, you have some of the best views of Manhattan.

At the Gantry Plaza State park kids and parents will: (1) play across abandoned train tracks without fear; (2) watch the puppies and dogs happy to enjoy such a great outdoor space; (3) go fishing (it’s permitted) along the fours long piers on Gantry’s boardwalk; (4) watch the amazing sunsets; (5) get that never-ending energy out of their systems at the vibrant playground that has a soft, cushiony ground and bold, bright colored play structures; (6) have a delicious picnic with hotdogs, popcorn, tacos, candies, juices, sodas; (7) take pictures at the iconic Pepsi-Cola sign, a landmark since 2016; (8) visit the nearby Hunter’s Point South Park – which runs along the same boardwalk; (9) enjoy movies in the outdoor Skyline Cinema during the summer; (10) Hit the beach at the Long Island City sandy shore, and play volleyball or other beach sports; (11) Take the ferry to Astoria Park (Queens), Williamsburg or Brooklyn Bridge Park (Brooklyn), 34th Street or Wall Street (Manhattan). It’s never-ending fun.


Sunsets are stunning from this spot, as well as the beautiful ballet of lights that goes from natural sunlight to the silhouette of Manhattan.


breathtaking views of manhattan and inspiring sunsets: that’s one one of the amazing experiences you will enjoy at the gantry plaza state park, in long island city. Photo: @lucascompan

the tones and shades change fast when you are watching a sunset at the gantry plaza state park, in long island city. Photo: @lucascompan

the sun sets then, the city lights take place, like a ballet of colors and forms at the sky. sunsets from the gantry plaza state park, in long island city are a must-do. Photo: @lucascompan

the city lights contrast to the darkness in the sky, making a perfect spot for great pictures. Photo: @lucascompan


kids running by the Transfer bridges, support gantries, and piers in the park. this collection of gantries with car float transfer bridges, which in turn were served by barges that carried freight railcars across water, between Queens and manhattan. photo: @lucascompan


Watch this inspiring story and incredible time-lapse videos from Gantry Plaza State Park


How to get here

from manhattan: Take the Queens-bound 7 train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Ave, one stop after grand central station


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