34 – New York for Piccolas and Piccolos : Gulliver's Gate

How about explore 25+ cities from 5 continents using a complimentary interactive key to bring scenes to life? Awesome, right? That’s what you got at Gulliver’s Gate, the most technologically advanced and interactive museum of miniatures on the planet. Gulliver’s Gate is a Times Square’s massive attraction is also its tiniest thanks to this awesome 50,000-square-foot space dedicated to miniatures.


Join a virtual experience at Gulliver's Gate, which was opened in 2017 with highlights including models of various different countries from around the world and a fictional airport. In this video, Shawn, our host, shares a full tour of Gulliver's Gate including footage from all of the scenes inside this fantastic attraction. I also share plenty of close up footage of the moving trains, buses and other vehicles along with much more. Enjoy!


The $40 million project brings hundreds of itty-bitty trains, planes and automobiles (and wagons!) zipping through scaled down landmarks from around the world, including New York’s very own Times Square. This isn’t just an impressive diorama; each ticket holder is given a high-tech key (that looks like a skeleton key) that reveals special secrets about the locations. Folks interested in seeing how the lights and motors work can also look into the control room and, for an additional fee, can make themselves mini with the special 3D printer.


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