38 – New York for Piccolas and Piccolos : Hudson River Park

Sunsets (and sunrises) are cliche and incredibly inspiring at the same time. If there's a spot in New York City where you can watch wildly amazing sunsets, this place is the Hudson River Park.


Besides that, it offers the perfect atmosphere for both New Yorkers and visitors. Just looking at those calming, relaxing waters all along the way, will get you some inspiration to:

- run free with your kids

– be grateful for visiting New York

- be grateful for living in New York

- thinking about a new project in life

- finding out new kind ways to make your relationship(s) better and better

- how to get that new job when you come back to your hometown

- figure out the best way to engage with your parents (or with your kids)

- how to put together new creative ideas to boost your business (or launch a new one).

I mean, it's like a total immersion into a vibrant, uplifting creative environment. Seriously.


Are you visiting New York? Great. Hudson River Park welcomes you with arms wide open. Live in NY? Cool. Walk along the Hudson River waterfront at least once a month.

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A path to freedom

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Seagulls chilling out on pier 45

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Click on the map to explore every attraction, activity, and things to do at the Hudson River Park

Click here to explore      every inch of the Hudson River Park

Click here to explore every inch of the Hudson River Park


When the weather is warmer, the park feels like heaven. When it's cold, well, you should pay a quick visit at least to photograph sunsets and the One World Trade Center (A.K.A. Freedom Tower) from that spot. You will take excellent pictures even if you are not a professional. And your kids will LOVE playing with snow.


It’s a never-ending fun

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